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Business Overview

Hindustan Zinc is one of the world’s largest and India’s only integrated Zinc-Lead-Silver producers.

Hindustan Zinc’s mines are located at Rampura Agucha, Sindesar Khurd, Rajpura Dariba, Zawar, and Kayad in the state of Rajasthan. The current ore production capacity today stands at 12 million tonnes per annum. The Company is aggressively expanding its mining capacities, implementing six ongoing major mining projects. Rampura Agucha Mine, with an ore production capacity of 6.15 million tonnes per annum, is the world’s 2nd largest Zinc-Lead mine with best-in-class Zinc-Lead reserves grade. The mine is currently operating through open-cast and underground routes. The Sindesar Khurd Mine, with an ore production capacity of 4.5 million tonnes per annum, is a highly mechanized underground mine. As part of the on-going expansions, the ore production capacity is set to increase to 6 million tonnes per annum in the coming years. Sindesar Khurd Mine expansion is expected to significantly contribute to the Company’s integrated Silver production. Zawar Mines comprises 4 different mines with footprints of ancient mining and has a combined ore production capacity of 4 million tonnes per annum. As per the radiocarbon dating, the mines at Zawar are over 2500 years old. The Company is on-course to expand Zawar Mines capacities to over 8.0 million tonnes in the next five years through mechanization and by switching-over to trackless mining. Zawar also has 80 MW of captive thermal power plants.

Rajpura Dariba Mine is an underground mine and currently has ore production capacity of 0.9 million tonne per annum. The ore production capacity at Rajpura Dariba Mine is all set to increase to 1.2 million tonne per annum.

Additionally, a new underground mine with fastest ramp-up has been opened up at Kayad, in the district of Ajmer and is scheduled to achieve its planned capacity of 1 million tonne within this year.

The Company’s smelters are located at Chanderiya, Dariba and Debari in the state of Rajasthan and Zinc-Lead-Silver metal refineries at Pantnagar in the state of Uttarakhand. The Company’s Zinc, Lead and Silver metal production capacities have seen five-fold increase since disinvestment in 2002. The metal production capacity which was 204,000 tonne per annum in the year 2002 has grown to over 1.0 million tonne per annum.

Chanderiya Smelting Complex, located in the district of Chittorgarh, is the world’s second-largest single location integrated Zinc smelting complex with Zinc production capacity of 535,000 tonnes and a Lead production capacity of 85,000 tonnes per annum. The location also has captive power plants of 234 MW. Additional green power is generated through waste heat recovery boilers. Dariba Smelting Complex, located in the district of Rajsamand, has production capacity of 220,000 tonne of Zinc and 116,000 tonne of Lead per annum.

Dariba Smelting Complex is uniquely self-sufficient with Zinc smelter, Lead smelter, and captive power plants of 160 MW, all located in the vicinity of Sindesar Khurd Mine and Rajpura Dariba Mine.

India’s oldest Zinc smelter, located at Debari in the district of Udaipur, has a Zinc metal production capacity of 88,000 tonne per annum.

The zinc, Lead and Silver metal refinery at Pantnagar has a capacity to produce 600 tonnes of silver per annum.

The Company’s total metal production capacities currently stand at 843,000 tonnes of Zinc, 201,000 tonnes per annum of Lead, and 600 tonnes of Silver, which are all being de-bottlenecked to achieve a smelting capacity of 1.2 million tonne per annum.